The Vatican Bank…there ya go again!

The Vatican Bank…there ya go again…

 Lead item in most Italian media today, June 28:Monsignor Nunzio Scarano arrested by Italian police on accusations of money recycling

 Might not seem to be a big deal, except for the following:

The monsignore  works at the Vatican’s office for the Administration of the Holy See’s Patrimony, ‘APSA’, the nerve center for control of the financial holdings of the Holy See; and

Just a few days ago, in a sudden move Pope Francis announced the formation of a ‘commission’ to report on the activities of the ‘IOR’, the Istituto per le Opere di Religione, yes – the Vatican bank.

 The IOR is emerging as the central issue on the agenda for reforming the Vatican bureaucracy, a task entrusted to the Gang of Eight group of cardinals.  The G-8 has been marching at a stately pace, with its first formal meeting scheduled for October.

Having just completed a swing through seven U.S. dioceses in the past ten days, ‘all politics is local’ according to former House Speaker Tip O’Neill, I am sorting out some vivid impressions from the pews.  

The IOR situation requires a careful assessment…will post something over the coming weekend. 

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