Power Shift in Rome…

Link below to today’s Boston Herald front page article re ‘power shift in Rome’.
Quotes from two experts at BC and Holy Cross, and your’s truly.

This is a stunning announcement. If implemented:
A devolution of power to the peripheries, but where – exactly?
regional (continental) episcopal conference, national episcopal conferences, or 3,000 diocese and eparchies?

I am betting on the 3,000 ‘subsidiaries, 90% Latin Rite, 10% Eastern.
But raises profound questions:
The bishop of Rome become primus inter pares.
And the heads of 3,000 ‘subsidiaries’?
What is the nucleic binding force among them? No enforcers left in the Curia Romana, just advisers…that seems to be the preferred option based on chatter in Rome.

These wheels are already in motion, with the Pope’s Council of Nine scheduled to take recommendations from consultants (McKinsey!) in the spring on a drastic reshuffle of the Roman Curia: mergers and significant cuts in staffing.
Welcome to my world of suppressed parishes and closed churches, Curiali.

Structural reform or Vatican House of Cards? Stay tuned.
Peter Borre’


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